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About Us


Vietfest is one of the largest and most well-perceived Vietnamese cultural events amongst the Vietnamese community in Adelaide, South Australia. It is stemmed from the longing of Vietnamese international students in Adelaide for the homey sense of the Viet motherland that has given rise to the strong desire for Vietfest. That yearning was shared widely amongst the Vietnamese community, and thus leading to Vietfest’s conception for the first time in 2014. Since then, Vietfest has always been devoted to the overarching goal of showcasing the beauty of Vietnamese culture to international friends as well as narrowing the gap between Vietnamese communities and other local communities. Through two seasons in 2014 and 2017, Vietfest has inspired successive generations and brought the pearls in Vietnamese culture to display by ways of numerous colourful cultural activities and performances. Vietnamese Festival 2019 is hosted by Vietnamese student associations in various universities in Adelaide, endeavouring to deliver a collective celebration of our origin.



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Vietnamese International Students of Adelaide (VISA) Inc. was established since 2000 and incorporated in 2013 with the Office of Consumer & Business Affairs. Its goals are to connect and to promote the interests of all Vietnamese international students in study, career, life experience, and cultural exchange through its platform and events. Learn more

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VSF is the Vietnamese Student Association in Flinders University. The association is established with a vision of providing a helpful platform to help Vietnamese students have a fulfilled-student-life. Learn more

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AVA is the Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Adelaide. Its vision is to provide assistance to Vietnamese students to succeed in study while immersing in the multicultural life in Adelaide. Learn more

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ISBS Vietnam Chapter is the club of Vietnamese International Students of Business School (University of South Australia). It is the bridge to deliver University’s support to Vietnamese students in study, career pathway, culture and life oversea. Learn more


Vietfest 2014 - The Tet Market

In May 2014, at the Cloisters of The University of Adelaide, Vietfest 2014 with the main concept "The Tet Market" in Vietnam was organised by VISA. To deliver the atmosphere of the “Tet Market” in Vietnam, there was a various activities such as exhibition, Vietnamese cuisine in three different regions, calligraphy, folk games and music show.

Vietfest 2014

Vietfest 2017 - The Flow of Time

Vietfest 2017 was organised at the Light Square of Adelaide. The main concept illustrated Vietnamese culture through different historical periods with a variety of daytime activities and music performances at night.

Vietfest 2017